Dinah Ardyani as a Bride

our review as a client of PRIDE ORGANIZER

the first thing that I will say to people who would ask me how I could describe PRIDE ORGANIZER: profesional.

but let me tell how my husband and I feel throughout the plans, meetings that has realized our splendid wedding. all the staff of PRIDE ORGANIZER are very detailed oriented. and it happened also that we were preparing the wedding in about 1 month. my husband lives in a different country as well so we depend on a lot of conversations through messages.

the culture difference and the language barrier was a part of their challenge too but all the staff helped us manage the process of this wedding very well, and they were very patient and supportive despite the fact that some of my husband and his family's language is a little hard to understand. but we enjoyed through it all.

my husband and i got a suprise of the katana as our wedding cake knife. i think i talked about the katana as a knife before but i didn't expect it to be really a katana as our wedding cake knife. it is funny and amazing at the same time.

i do not have a brother or a sister but if i do have one, i would choose PRIDE ORGANIZER as their vendor. and i never would think twice again. thank you to my lovely cici, koko and his wife and all the staff of PRIDE ORGANIZER.

you guys rock! ❤

PS: my husband thinks that i should keep the photo of our family & us and koko talking about my long wedding gown lol

Diana Margaretta as a Bride

Thankyou Pride

Thankyou Pride for helping us organizing our wedding in such a short preparation time.

Pride's team leader Adjie was professional, Irene was very responsive and rest of the team solved every problem effectively.

The most important of all, they gave us peace of mind, even in an urgent situation.

Special thanks to Melva, Anya and Matthew ( who helped the bride "climbing" up the stage with her problematic petticoat ) haha

Thankyou all..


Happy satisfied clients :)

Lisa as a Bride

Great Wedding Organizer

We had a great & wonderful wedding last weekend. We are soo greatful for Pride coordination for making our dreamed wedding come true ... it is an unforgettable wedding ...

Gemita as a Bride

100 Points for Pride!

Pride Organizer had been extremely helpful throughout our wedding planning. We had known very little about wedding preparations, but fortunately we received plenty of valuable guidance from them. They recommended superior quality vendors to us, and we are very satisfied with the results.

Even though we live quite far away from Bandung, communication was never a problem for us as the Pride team always responded to our messages very promptly. During all the meetings we had a very pleasant time to discuss our aspirations with the team. In the months leading to our big day, we felt very confident that with their help, everything will be perfect.

On the D-Day, our experience with Pride Organizer team was very extraordinary. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. They meticulously prepared a very detailed run-down, and efficiently followed the schedule so that everything performed smoothly. The whole day was so precise and efficient.

We love their service! Pride Organizer helped us to make our Harry Potter-themed wedding remarkably magical. They really lived up to their service motto of being professional, different, and dependable

Michael as a Groom


We are really grateful that we heard our friend's testimony, and they brought us to PRIDE. It's such a pleasant and great experience, to be organized by PRIDE at our wedding day! They work in a team, look at any details, and especially make sure that the bride and groom is really taken care in everything. Our families also got some comments, they felt really comfortable, and really satisfied by their work ! If you want to have a really blissful experience of wedding, i do recommend this vendor.

Cheers PRIDE

Melissa as a Bride

You Create Best Moment for Us

Pertama x kami tahu pride dr bridestory , kami melihat pride memiliki team yg cukup solid dan profesional, sehingga kami memutuskan untuk bekerja sama dengan pride. Mulai dari technical meeting kami semakin yakin bahwa pride merupakan wo yg profesional. Dan waktu hari H tiba, Wooow! apa yang mereka lakukan melebihi ekspetasi kami.

Yang bisa kami deskripsikan dari pride adalah :

Profesional , sangat ramah hingga suda berasa spt teman, senyum selalu , penyusunan acara yg bagus, rapi dan efektif , mereka mempersiapkan segala sesuatu dgn teliti , good team work , bahkan kami dan keluarga kami sprt memiliki asisten pribadi yg menemani kami kemanapun dan selalu siap jika dimintai tolong. Pokoknya kami dan keluarga sangat sangat sangat PUAS dengan kerja PRIDE !! MANTEB JEMPOLAN !

Erwin as a Groom

Wedding Kami Terasa Sangat Mewah!!

Teman-teman, terima kasih yaa sudah membuat wedding kami jadi terasa sangat mewaahh!!! Thank you.. thank you so much!

Sukses terus buat Pride dan makin sukses pastinyaa!

Cynthia as a Bride

Best WO ever

Bersama Pride acara pernikahan kami benar2 terorganisir , tepat waktu, dan asik banget n smuanya berjalan dgn lancar. Tim nya kompak dan solid, byk ide2 baguus dan menarik bgt buat acara weddingnya

Aurellia Vina as a Bride

Unique, professional, special

We sincerely thank you for organizing our wedding in such a special way and for all the supports along the way. You helped us to create beautiful ceremony and a lasting memory that we will always remember.

Rendy as a Groom

The best WO

Prtama meeting emang udh ngrasa klop banget sama Pride Organizer ini sampai akhirnya deal dengan Pride, karena kami yakin Pride akan sukses membuat acara pernikahan kami sesuai dengan apa yang kita harapkan.

Selama persiapan pernikahan, mereka sangat cekatan dan bisa kasi solusi yang baik disaat kami menemukan sdikit hambatan dalam persiapan pernikahan kami.

Di hari H pernikahan kami, keluarga orang tua smua memberikan komentar positf trhadap kerja keras seluruh team. Satu hal lagi yang membuat kami berfikir bahwa kami tidak salah memilih Pride sebagai WO kami, bahwa mereka selalu tersenyum dengan ramah kepada kami dan keluarga walaupun kami tahu mereka semua cape, tapi mereka tidak memperlihatkan bahwa mereka cape, sebaliknya mereka malah semakin semangat.

Good job Pride!!! No other words can be spelled out from us. Its was amazing!!!

Thankyou Pride..

Priskila Agustin as a Bride



Aku udah sering denger keluhan mantan pengantin (kerabat & sahabat) ttg wo nya mereka. Awalnya ada takut jg yah, apa semua wo bs ninggalin sedikit kesan buruk buat pengantinnya? Lalu kami pilih PRIDE and we are very SATISFIED. I think, kalau event wedding itu 24JAM aku mauuuu kalau wo nya PRIDE hahaha..

Sukses terusss yah kawan..

Kelvin Dennies as a Groom

The Best

Sangat memuaskan, tetep sukses ya buat team Pride Organizer.

Tuhan memberkati

Alissa as a Bride

Thankyou Pride!

Thank you sekali lagi untuk Mas Ajie dan semua PRIDE team untuk semua support dan kerja keras nya dalam persiapan wedding kita. Best wishes untuk kesuksesan PRIDE kedepannya yaa! God bless always!

Keep in touch!

Stefilia Inggratupolie as a Bride

Nice Personalized Wedding Planner

Thank you Pride for making my fun wedding came through. From the first time I messaged you through bridestory, I knew you are the planner that I want. Quick, super responsive and Drama Free, I'm a very satisfied bride. I don't even need to lift a finger and you really cater to all of my needs. For a bride that has no time to organize her own wedding, I really need someone who can do super last minute things. Ajie was fantastic as he really try to know my personality and how to deal with me. He knows that I'm a very last minute person and always reminds me to do the wedding things. Irene is like the dream manager I would want to keep as she is super efficient and very very decisive (thanks Irene). They also helped me dealing with the family issues that came due to the stress of the Big Day. Melva and all the crews that came on the Wedding Day were very professional and gave us lots of help. Thank you Pride Organizer.

Edwin Eduardo Kalisaran as a Groom

Highly Recommended WO - Quick Response, Friendly, Problem-solving

We, Edo & Bella, engaged Pride Organizer as our Wedding Organizer for our wedding that took place in Bandung, on 18 March 2017. We are very satisfied with Pride Orgnizer's service and we can say comfortably that we made the right choice to engage Pride.

Several points on why we are very satisfied:

1) Honest

When we asked Ajie, the Boss of Pride Organizer, whether Pride has organized a wedding in Gedong Putih, he was frank as he told us that Pride has not organized one previously but he has organized other event there. We appreciate the leader's honesty as it served as a very fundamental basis in the business engagement.

2) Very Responsive

Ajie took the initiative to set up a Whatsapp group together with us, Melva and Irene. This helped us significantly in terms of communication, and it is especially very helpful for us since neither I nor Bella stay in Bandung. I've heard several stories where Wedding Organizers turned unresponsive after the clients made down payment; but this is not the case for Pride Organizer. All the members in the Whatsapp group were very responsive, from the start of our engagement with Pride until the end of the D-day itself (actually even after the D-Day itself, since there were several matters that yet to be settled after the D-Day)

3) Problem-Solving & Client Comes First

We would like to give credit to Ajie and Melva on how they handled sudden crises. On the D-day itself, a hotel where most of our guests stayed told us that they would cancel significant number of our room bookings if the guests did not turn up by 2PM. This was because of just 1 room whereby the guest did not turn up on the previous day. The hotel conveyed this information about half an hour before we proceeded with our Holy Matrimony, and this terribly made us upset.

Melva and Ajie took the initiative to communicate with the hotel and to fight for our interest in order to buy time , so that we could concentrate on our Holy Matrimony. Melva and Ajie went into the details by asking which rooms would the hotel potentially cancel and double checked with us whether those guests have arrived in Bandung. This greatly helped us to solve the problem.

Another example was during the reception, when it was raining but lightly. We eventually could not proceed with the initial, plan-A, grand entrance plan.

However, Melva took the initiative to use the remaining flowers that were used for the Holy Matrimony decoration. The team used the flowers’ petals to distribute to the audience who stood at the sides of the plan-B grand entrance path, so that it could beautify the plan-B grand entrance. Bella and I indeed were very happy by this out-of-the-box thinking.

4) Walk the Talk & Ask Questions

Bella & I often worry that certain wedding vendors just do not deliver what they say, i.e. those that say “yes, it can be done” but do not deliver when the time comes. Again, Pride Organizer is the opposite of that and we really appreciate such characteristic. This point is particularly true to Ajie’s team, especially to Ajie himself, Melva, Irene and Rachel; when they thought or expected that somethings could not be executed, they would rather tell us that it cannot be done in advance rather than giving us flowery promises but failed to deliver.

One example was when we conveyed our family members’ request of getting up later on the D-day for make-up sessions to get longer hour of rest. Ajie and Melva tactfully told us and discussed with us that it would not be possible since the number of family members were many and the timing of subsequent actions would be compromised.

We would also like to give credit to Irene who diligently followed up with a vendor, who gave us some headache just few days before the D-Day. She helped to represent our interest well so that we could focus on handling other matters.

We would also like to give credit to Rachel who executed a complex transportation arrangement for guests well (whole day transportation arrangement, involving approximately 40 guests spread at 5 venues and 5 vehicles) and did not hesitate to ask questions to clarify with us.

5) Friendly

It was a big crew that Pride Organizer brought during the D-Day itself, and the interactions were not just between both of us and Pride’s team; it was also with family members, groomsmen, bridesmaid, and many others.

Our family members, groomsmen and bridesmaid told us that their experience with Pride were very pleasant and the Pride members whom they interacted with were very friendly. Both of us also found the crew and the main personnel very friendly since the first day we engaged them.

In conclusion, a very pleasant experience with Pride Organizer and Pride indeed played a significant role in ensuring our joy on that day went undisturbed. Bella and I did not exaggerate this review and if this review looks very favorable to Pride Organizer, it is because we experienced ourselves what we wrote above. We would be more than happy to share directly to other couples who are considering Pride Organizer as their Wedding Organizer. I am contactable at eekalisaran.2009@smu.edu.sg

Dita as a Bride

Hari Pernikahan Berjalan Sangat Baik Berkat Crew Pride yang Sangat Profesional!!

Bersyukur banget untuk acara wedding kami..

Awalnya kami berpikir untuk pakai WO atau tidak karena acara pernikahan itu begitu-begitu saja.. Banyak teman juga kerabat yang bisa membantu mengatur acara. Lalu pada suatu event wedding exhibition, kami bertemu beberapa vendor WO, namun saya dan suami tidak berpikiran untuk pakai WO. Namun pada saat bertemu dengan Pride, suami saya mendapatkan penjelasan yang baik mengenai WO dan memutuskan untuk menggunakan jasa WO.

Dan keputusan itu adalah keputusan yang sangat tepat. Acara kami yang panjang dan melibatkan banyak keluarga sangat rapi dan baik. Selain resepsi dan acara pemberkatan kami pun ada acara adat batak yang harus dilewati. Untunglah dengan crew yang sangat professional semua dapat berjalan dengan baik. Bahkan hasil kerja nya bukan hanya kami saja sebagai pengantin yang merasakan, namun keluarga kami juga puas sekali. Terutama orang tua kami, baru kali ini setelah menikahkan 3 anak lainnya merasa rileks.. Dan tamu-tamu juga banyak yang memuji Pride.

Henry as a Groom


Excellent adalah satu kata yang paling cocok untuk menggambarkan Pride! Sesuai namanya, konsep wedding yang dibuat Pride benar-benar membuat kami bangga akan tiap proses pernikahan kami. Banyak tamu kami memuji konsep acara Pride yang out of the box, inovatif, dan kreatif. Salut buat semua crew dari Pride yang bukan saja ramah dan enak diajak bekerja sama, namun juga sabar, fleksibel, bahkan rela melakukan extra mile. Pokoknya all out banget deh! Buat kamu-kamu yang bingung cari WO, jangan ragu-ragu deh, pilih yang terbaik.. pilih Pride!

Shelvy as a Bride

Pride Is The Best!!!

Awalnya bingung banget urusin wedding yang super duper menyita waktu. Takut ga beres lah, takut acara berantakan, dan lain lain.. Lalu ketemu dengan Ko Ajie yang baik, teliti, dan detail banget. Pas hari H terbukti memang tim ini kompak, ramah, sopan, dan gesit banget! Pokoknya top banget deh! Acara wedding aku berjalan lancar banget berkat tim Pride yang solid banget.

Pokoknya buat yang baru mau married, Pride helpful banget dan menjawab semua kekhawatiran kita. Sukses terus ya untuk Ko Ajie & tim! Pertahankan terus kekompakan kalian.. Ramahnya crew Pride gak ada yang nandingin lho!! Cap 2 jempol deh!!

Luciana Nessia as a Bride

We Wouldn't Regret for Choosing PRIDE

PRIDE Organizer really care with their client. They're like having a Doraemon pocket , which has everything in it. They're also quick in responding and finding solution if there is something happen outside the rundown. The employees are very kind & work cohesively in team. Essentially, we wouldn't regret by choosing PRIDE for organizing our wedding day.

"May PRIDE success always"

Bena as a Bride

Puas Banget dengan Service nya PRIDE!

Pokoknya kalau ada yang wedding, aku pasti rekomendasiin PRIDE karena kita puas banget dengan service nya! Mama papa ku terus-terusan muji PRIDE dan bilang kalau belum pernah ada wedding organizer yang service nya sebagus PRIDE. Bestmen aku juga pada bilang baru pertama kali lihat wedding organizer yang sebagus PRIDE, bahkan wedding organizer gede pun belum ada yang service nya sebagus pride.

Thank you thank you!

Lita as a Bride


Buat yang bingung cari vendor wedding, enggak perlu bingung lagi! Langsung aja ambil paket wedding dari PRIDE, dijamin ok!

Thanks a lot Ajie & crew untuk pelayanan nya di wedding kita. Kami puas dengan pelayanan kalian di wedding kita, dan vendor-vendor yang terlibat semua luar biasa. Kalian juga mampu mengatur orang tua aku yang kaku banget dan susah diatur.

Thanks banget yaa dari kami dan keluarga.. tidak ada yang complain! Maju terus PRIDE Organizer, sukses selalu! God bless you all.

Sanita as a Bride

Our Wedding Day Was INCREDIBLE!!!

First of all, we would like to say 'Thank you guys!!' Our wedding day was INCREDIBLE!!!

The wedding day was one of the best day in our life and you guys made it ran very smooth and on time! All things were well organized and PRIDE always had a back up for tiny little things that may be missed by the bride and groom.

Hopefully PRIDE Organizer will always improve their services. And the most important thing, keeps couple happy with their unforgettable fairy tale wedding day!

Agnes as a Bride

You've Made Our Party Wonderful!

We would like to express our sincere thanks for all your supports to help us in any ways. You've made our party wonderful and on the right track.

Thanks guys, you are all special organizers!!

Caroline as a Bride

Best Service!

Kesan-kesan bekerja dengan PRIDE adalah banyak sekali dibantu masalah wedding. Yang awalnya enggak tau sama sekali soal vendor, lalu dapat banyak masukkan yang membuat kita lebih mudah untuk pilih vendor. Mudah-mudahan PRIDE semakin sukses kedepannya dan semakin banyak klien nya.

Thank you untuk supportnya!

Nova as a Bride


First and after all, we would like to say "THANK YOU" for your help to plan our wedding preparation in such a short time + "emergency situation" on the day. Without your help, probably our wedding would not be happened. Thank you for 5 months of hard works in preparing our wedding to be the BEST DAY EVER in our life. We appreciate all your time, efforts, ideas, etc to make our wedding different.

Last but not least, thank you for all the hard work and keep up the good work!

Yanesha as a Groom

You All Makes Me Proud!!!

Just a simple tagline for you all: "My wedding, my pride, and you all makes me proud!!!"

Thanks for all your help, inputs, everything.. keep up the good work!

Justin as a Groom


PRIDE selalu kasih masukkan-masukkan dan opsi-opsi untuk acara kita, dan mengkoordinasi seluruh pihak yang terlibat di wedding kita dengan baik. Inisiatif nya juga tinggi banget. Thanks yaa! Semoga kedepannya PRIDE makin sukses dan kualitasnya tak tertandingi!

Akhir kata ..THANK YOU ...AWESOME !!!

Dinny as a Bride

Great service and professional!

We really enjoyed working together with Pride. From the beginning we involved them to make decisions regarding vendors and they give opinions as friends, to give us the best benefits we could have. But one thing that we appreciate, not only they work professionally, but they didnt lose personal touch. They gave attention to us bride n groom, and also our big families. They didn't make us worry or feeling hurried, but instead they calmed us. My big families love Pride team, especially the girls they are attentive, patient and calm. As for the EO service itself, they still can manage to created on time schedules, without rushing us.

We did really enjoy our wedding day, and big part of it thanks to Pride team!!

Alben as a Groom

Best Service

Big Thanks Pride Organizer buat bantuan ny men-sukseskan acara pernikahan kami. Pelayanan terbaik di setiap detail dan plan-plan yang terlaksana dengan sempurna di hari-H. Pride organizer juga memberikan fast response kepada setiap pertanyaan yang kami ajukan mau secara langsung ataupun medsos. Pride melebihi ekspektasi dari kami..

Gesty Leoretha Limandibrata as a Bride

Thx u Pride

Very thx u to pride for all your effort in planning our amazing wedding. It was so beautiful and well organized, and definitely beyond our expectations.

I knew i could trust you in planning the whole things. From the beginning until the end everything went smoothly and nothing was left out.

All of our family give a good impression on your performance. They say, you are so care n kind. We were happy to share our most important day with you all.

Thx pride...

Silvia as a Bride

You must choose them! =)

Hello Pride,

Sorry it took me so long to write a review.

Professional? Check. Different? Check. Dependable? Check. Hiring Pride was one of the best decisions we made in planning our wedding! We were so impressed with Ajie and the team at Pride Organizer. They did such a wonderful job for our wedding. They were so incredibly professional, organised, and thorough while at the same time, so personable, friendly, calm, and fun! They made us both feel very comfortable and made sure we had the best day possible. The hard work, dedication, reassurance, and peace of mind they provide you is absolutely invaluable on your most important day! I will certainly be recommending you to everyone.

Thank you for everything. Kudos to Pride Organizer!

Thea as a Bride

Not your ordinary WO, Pride is best friend!!!

Finding WO for our wedding day wasn't just about having the most competent people. In our case WO has to be beyond that, they should be clients-and-all-relatives-oriented because not only they have to deal with the bride and groom, but also the whole bunch of family. Imagine how tough the job is.. LOL..

Lucky us to be able to have Pride team on board. They're just so humble, always willing to listen, not taking us for granted, and always reachable when needed. They made sure all vendors had understood our expectations so on d-day there wouldn't be any major mistake, and even helped us to get better deals from them.. ;)

We're satisfied and very happy with their hard work, I knew no one who didn't enjoy every moment on our day. The food was delicious and abundant, moreover the weather was terrific. What a beautiful day it was! So thanks a bunch guys!! We couldn't have imagined our wedding day without you.

Emerentia Vestiana as a Bride

Excellent Wedding Organizer

Satu kata untuk Pride : Perfect! Acara wedding kita berjalan dengan sangat baik berkat kawalan dari Pride Organizer. Planning dan eksekusi yang matang dari Pride Organizer sangat meringankan beban pikiran kami sebagai bride & groom di hari H, keluarga kami pun juga sangat dilayani dengan baik. Salut untuk semua tim pride, keluarga mulai dari orang tua dan saudara tidak berhenti memuji profesionalitas Pride dalam bekerja, bahkan orang tua saya pun sampai berkata "kangen papa sama anak-anak (pride team) itu". Terima kasih Pride sudah mewujudkan mimpi kami dan membuat moment itu begitu mengesankan. Sukses terus untuk Pride Organizer.

Ernest Setiadi as a Groom


Thankyou Pride Organizer for your satisfying service. The price is reasonable for all services that you provided. The members are so friendly and care to us and our family. Once again, thankyou very much Pride Organizer for make our dream wedding cometrue!

Cindy as a Bride

The best wedding organizer

One of the best wedding vendor i knew. they are passionate, understandable and well organised. their team can comfort me, know everything that i need, pay attention to every detail. really care and never get tired to remind me about my wedding preparation. thank you so much pride for your supporting on our wedding. you were very helpful, kind & patient to us. you made our wedding wonderful & unforgettable. Your service were very great!! success for pride. Thank you ko ajie, ci ane dan semua tim yang terlibat... seneng banget acaranya berjalan dengan sangat baik.. yang biasanya mama ngomel2 terus kurang ini kurang itu, berasa semua serba salah, sampe pusing bride to be ini diomelin tiap hari.. haha.. baru trakhir mama & keluarga muji2 karna kita ga salah pilih wo.. Kalian profesional banget katanya.. selalu ada setiap dibutuhin, baik banget, ramah banget..tim nya asik, seru !! I'm so happy with your work and i recommend for every couple that wanna get married to choose pride organizer.

Billy & Nadia

Nadia as a Bride

Super relax and fun

Many thanks to PRIDE!! Ga salah pilih WO...pagi2 lg make up ada yg kirim cokelat dipitain dikasih surat cinta..so sweet banget!! simple thing yg bikin mood jd bagus..kita puas bgt pknya hr H ga mikirin apa2 lg smua ditanganin kalian dgn baik, apa2 yg emergency ditangani dgn sgt cepat sipppplahhhhh kerja samanya...super relax and fun!! xoxo BillyNadia

Garry as a Groom


Nice, The Organizer help us to make our dream come true. Start by pitching the vendors and help to prepared our reception. The Crew and the people that stayed behind us and family had a nice support that makes them feel comfort, so the reception and the ceremnoy become romantic and glamour. For You who looking for the Wedding Organizer for your best moment, you might choose this Organizer as your trusty Crew. Never Regret, Never Forget.

Yohan as a Groom


Just entrust all the wedding preparations to Pride Organizer and you will not be disappointed , your wedding day will be a perfect moment . thanks to Pride Organizer

Hivai as a Bride

Thank you for the great job!

Thank you so much for all Pride Organizer members that had already helped us a lot on our Wedding day. We were pleased and satisfied with your work. You all did a good job to help us overcome all the obstacles that we faced. I can say most of the members are well trained and responsible whereas some of them are still young. We wish you all the best, and we recommend Pride Organizer to be your "best friends" for your wedding day.

Irene as a Bride

Great Job, PRIDE

Dear Pride, I don't even know where to begin or thankyou for making our wedding perfect. Yes, perfect! ( Even the heavy rain didn't bother us! )

I know I've thanked you many times but it won't hurt to say it again.

Thanks for all of your hard work on our special day! You kept us organized and made sure everything went smoothly. We seriously couldn't have done it without you, we are so lucky to had you as part of our wedding!

A million thanks and great job, Pride!

Hendra Jayalaksana as a Groom

Thankyou Pride...

Pride... Wedding Organizer yg oke banget! Dari pertama meeting sampe akhir acara mereka semua selalu bersemangat. Itu jg yg bikin kita jd merasa relax persiapin ini semua. Pride yg bantu kita dari awal persiapan. Kita yg bener2 ga tau sama sekali hrs mulai dari mana,ga ngerti juga harus kemana . Tapi Pride dgn berjuta pengalaman dlm mengurus wedding tau semuanya,mereka selalu kasih jawaban buat semua pertanyaan2 kita. Sampai pd hr H dan semuanya berjalan lancar.. Thankyou Pride...

Krista as a Bride

Very reliable, great teamwork and attentive

We are so glad we choose Pride organizer as our WO, The member was very helpful and kind, they really do their best to make everything perfect, although sometimes the unexpected still happen, they make most of the things run smoothly. They're very patient and will respond to your complain quickly, they handle "funny" family members well.

We are very thankful and now that the wedding is over, we kinda miss the busy moment with Pride. Tiring but fun

My bridesmaid who comes from overseas love them, the Pride WO member can speak english and chinese too, thus it makes easier to communicate.

Very recommended, they work beyond our expectation.

Greta as a Bride

Psssttt..here is our behind the scene wedding

Having an outdoor wedding on rainy season hmm.. We gotta admit it is quite challenging. And yet, the wedding it self is one big sacred event for us personally. Thus we decided to be assisted by Pride Wedding Organizer since they were the one that is most well planned; compared to few other that we met. Having an outdoor wedding on rainy season hmm.. We gotta admit it is quite challenging. And yet, the wedding it self is one big sacred event for us personally. Thus we decided to be assisted by Pride Wedding Organizer since they were the one that is most well planned; compared to few other that we met. Di hari H, hujan maksa ikut hadir sejak 2jam sebelum acara. Fortunatelly, we got Pride WO. Acara tetap berjalan cantik dengan semua crucial points on our rundown ga ada yg ilang. Thanks to Pride WO for being creatively smart & working so hard managing other vendors so then our wedding seemed flawless!

Herman Kemp as a Groom

Thank you for an unforgettable and amazing day!

We used Pride for our wedding held in Bandung in October 2015. From the start there organization, communication and expertise where excellent. All our requirements where met and they always responded quickly and thoroughly to us. We had an amazing day thanks to Pride and we highly recommend them! An axcellent wedding and event organizer!

Novita as a Bride

Ga akan nyesel pake mereka!

I didn't even know what was happening, pokoknya semuanya lancar dan beres sama mereka. Tim ny semua ramah n willing buat bantu, aku ga dikasih kesempatan buat stress mikirin jalannya acara. Ga cuma dari sisi pengantin, bahkan keluarga dan tamu bisa bilang bahwa WO nya bagus banget.

Special thanks buat Melva n Mariana n Yola yg sabar nemenin bride n groom n keluarga nya seharian, Hendy n Ajie yg make sure everything went well that day, thanks juga untuk seluruh tim yg bantu d hari itu. Sori kalo ad salah penulisan nama, but u guys know who you are! :p Keep contact y kl aku k Bandung lagi hihi

Nathania Gavrila as a Bride


We are indeed a happy client. Pride has made our exhausting journey of preparation less troubling, the advices and support were straightforward but also thoughtful of our need. We had quite a strict concept on our wedding would be, but pride knew how to handle it just fine. Not to mention the crew on our wedding celebration were splendid! They were fast, helpful to us and the family, and most aware of the timeline which very crucial in the success of our special day.. Lastly, we would definitely recommend pride to any bride/groom-to-be.. Stay super pride!!

Kisses, Gavy & Jeffrey

Filia as a Bride

Pilihan Yang Tepat

Hi, kami pasangan Santony & Filia.. Kami puas memilih Pride sebagai WO untuk Wedding kami.. Pada Hari H, kami sudah tidak perlu memikirkan apapun lagi dan semua kami pasrahkan kepada Pride.. Puji Tuhan, setiap hal berjalan sesuai dengan harapan kami.. Pride selalu siap sedia mendampingi pengantin s/d keluarga pengantin mulai dari proses awal make up (subuh2 mereka sudah hadir loh) s/d selesainya resepsi.. Semua2 sudah mereka persiapkan dengan baik, mulai dari perlengkapan, jalannya acara, mereka koordinasikan se optimal mungkin.. Para Kru juga selalu sigap jika kita memerlukan sesuatu, ataupun sigap mencari solusi jika ada trouble.. Thanx banget ya buat semua Kru Pride yang sudah turut mensukseskan Wedding Kami.. Semoga tambah Suskes !!!

Pemilihan WO menentukan Sukses Tidaknya Acara Wedding.. Soo, pilihlah yang terbaik !!!

Warm Regards, Santony & Filia

Anne Isabella as a Bride

Excellent organizer!!

Tanggal 15 november 2014 merupakan tanggal bersejarah bagi kami berdua. Itu merupakan hari di mana kami berdua melangkah ke tahap kehidupan yg baru. PRIDE Organizer benar-benar menolong kami saat itu. Di tengah susunan jadwal yg padat, kami benar-benar merasakan pendampingan yg baik dari pihak PRIDE Organizer. Semua jadwal dan acara terlaksana dengan baik dan tepat waktu. Keluarga kami masing-masing didampingi sehingga semua kebutuhan keluarga terpenuhi. Dan terutama, pelaksanaan plan B yg sangat baik dari para crew PRIDE. Resepsi pernikahan kami memang diselenggarakan semi outdoor di pool area Sheraton Hotel Bandung dan ketika resepsi tersebut turun hujan tidak berhenti dari jam 3 sore hinggal jam 10 malam. Kami sangat khawatir bahwa acara resepsi kami akan kacau dan tidak teratur, tetapi hal itu terbantahkan karena koordinasi dan ide dr PRIDE yg sangat memuaskan. Kami sangat merekomendasikan PRIDE sebagai trusted wedding organizer dan telah kami rasakan dengan baik semua service nya. Excellent job PRIDE Organizer!!

Erick Zheng as a Groom

Simply AMAZING!!

PRIDE Organizer....

Pernikahan kami berlangsung tanggal 3 Agustus 2013, dan persiapannya cukup mepet, kurang dari 1 tahun. by that time, saya meminta teman baik saya Ajie untuk membantu terlibat sebagai EO. Dalam waktu yang cukup singkat, PRIDE bisa mengelola semuanya dengan baik, baik vendor yang kami urus sendiri ataupun oleh pihak EO, semua bisa terhandle dengan baik.

Pada hari H, tim Pride Organizer sangat teroganisir dengan baik, jumlah orangnya memang tidak banyak, tapi sangat kompak sekali dalam melakukan job desc masing-masing, mulai dari jam pagi, persiapan, pemberkatan, hingga resepsi, all the team helped us so much.

PWalau ada kesalahan teknis pada saat acara resepsi, tapi tim PRIDE bisa mengatur semua dengan baik, merubah rundown acara kembali menjadi sangat baik dan dengan cara yang kreatif, ended up we got the best wedding kiss picture ever... ^^

We really appreciate PRIDE organizer for your effort! sukses terus for PRIDE organizer!!

Merla as a Bride

My Wedding Day with Pride Organizer

Nowadays you need professional wedding organizer to make your wedding day memorable. Especially when your family hardly to help you to accomplish what you want, because of their domicile, ages, etc. Previously I never thought to use wedding organizer to help the preparation of my wedding day because me and spouse wanted simple wedding party. But when I found that we had to taking care everything, so we changed our mind. We needed professional wedding organizer, and we chose Pride Organizer. Just like what we expected, this WO helped us with all ideas and concepts for our wedding day. What we never thought they had given the best ideas that suit us. They always asked us about the preparation, and made us to check and recheck about everything. At D Day they not only helped us but also our family, especially the elderly. Many thanks to Pride Organizer for your competence that made us just only followed run down and did not need mess around with anything. Everything was well manageable. And also the crew that very friendly and polite made a good impression for my family. We really appreciated it..

Good job and good team work!