Hello Groom and Bride to be…

Congratulation for finding each other and you are just one step away to celebrate your big day.

Your decision for looking a wedding organizer to help your wedding day is a good one and we proudly tell you that PRIDE is ready to help you.

We are a bunch of people who love to create your wedding dreams come true. We love to see our couple smile from their heart during their big day and because of that, we could position our self as your best friend and your professional partner.

Just give us a chance and we will give you the best moment of your life.

Because PRIDE is a PROFESSIONAL organizer with a DIFFERENT concepts and DEPENDABLE services.


We take things seriously. That’s why our first name taken from a word PROFESSIONAL. Yes we are that level of Professional thing but don’t worry we know how to have fun and how to make you relax and chill all the way.


Our next concept is being DIFFERENT than the other. We don’t wan’t you to be remembered as usual couple who got married during week end, feed the invitation and then party over. NO!! We don’t wan’t that.


We are your best friend during your journey to prepare the wedding and the best family during your big day. So yes! Our next name was taken from a word DEPENDABLE.

Why Us

Dealing with a wedding industry is the most lovable things in our life. Watching two love birds who decided to tie a knot and vowing to live happily ever after is like watching a Cinderella movie ever and ever again.

Marriage is another part of life that must be remembered during your whole life. Why don’t we start that part of life by celebrating and sharing that big moment with the one that we love?

Concerning with this big moment of your life, as a wedding organizer we try our best to wrap it in a professional way, different concept and dependable service. Since 2011, we watched more than dozen couples tied a knot in front of us. Sometimes we even shred our tears together with the family who watched it.

As your wedding organizer we will never leave you in every decision that you make. We will try to become a best friend during your journey to your big day. You can reach us 24 hours a day. There won’t be thing that you have to worry for.

So if you feel a click with our idea, just contact us and let us do the rest. Honest to say, we can’t wait to see you and your spouse to tie a knot in front of us.

Our Happy Client

Our Functions

IDR 16.950.000 – Rp. 30.000.000

DDAY function is the most function of PRIDE. We’ll become your partner to make sure your wedding success beautifully. We’ll do the rundown, vendor technical meeting, family technical meeting, time management, provide D-Day properties, and we’ll help even your little needs on your D-Day.

IDR 20.950.000 – Rp. 35.000.000

PLANNER function is one of PRIDE services that cover up almost everything in your wedding preparations. We’ll do D-Day function, making the concept, budgeting, vendor filtering, scheduling, assistance, and appoinment behalf yours. So, you just have to sit down and receive the report from us.

IDR 27.500.000 – Rp. 40.000.000

FULL PLANNER function is the most of PRIDE services that cover up everything in your wedding preparations. Basically we’ll do PLANNER function plus we give you one personal assistant to maintain your progress every time. We’re also do help you for preparing your invitation process, such as RSVP*, labeling, even do the courier* for you. So we’ll do everything for you.

Contact Us

You can contact us any time you want.
We will make sure to answer any of your questions related to our work.

Ajie Perdana (+62 8112 182810)
Melva Belinda Lam (+62 899 7000 248)

E-mail: sales@prideorganizer.com

Address: Cikawao Permai Kav B1/1, Bandung 40261, West Java, Indonesia