About Us

What is PRIDE Organizer?

PRIDE is an event and wedding organizer that founded on November 15th, 2011 in Bandung. PRIDE means PROFESSIONAL, DIFFERENT, and DEPENDABLE. It’s described on each person team member characteristic. So, in the other words, you can count on us because we have the quality to make your event success.

As a professional organizer, we are proudly announce that PRIDE is under PT. PRIMA GEMILANG INDONESIA now. We are also pleased to present Ajie, our founder, has been certified as a Certified Wedding Specialist from Weddings Beautiful Worldwide.

It’s a PROFESSIONAL organizer with a DIFFERENT concepts and DEPENDABLE services.

We’re not giving an organizer to you. We’re giving joy, happiness, and memories.


What is PRIDE services?

Basically, PRIDE services divided to 2 categories:

  1. 1. D-DAY FUNCTION: Start from IDR 15.500.000,-

D-DAY function is the most basic function of PRIDE. We’ll become your partner to make sure your wedding success beautifully. We’ll do the rundown, vendor technical meeting, family technical meeting, time management, provide D-Day properties, and we’ll help even your little needs on your D-Day.

  1. PLANNER FUNCTION: Start from IDR 19.500.000,-

PLANNER function is one of PRIDE services that cover up almost everything in your wedding preparations. We’ll do D-Day function, making the concept, budgeting, vendor filtering, scheduling, assistance, and appointment behalf yours. So, you just have to sit down and receive the reports from us

  1. FULL PLANNER FUNCTION: Start from IDR 25.000.000,-

FULL PLANNER function is one of PRIDE services that cover up everything in your wedding preparations. Basically we’ll do PLANNER function plus we give you one personal assistant to maintain your progress every time. We’re also do help you for preparing your invitation process, such as RSVP*, labeling, even do the courier* for you. So, we’ll do everything for you.

* Terms & Condition applied


Why you should choose PRIDE?

  •  You are in an expert care.

We do invest in people and believe that our excellent service is based on their quality.

  • You won’t miss every detail.

Every single detail on your wedding day is in our care.

  • 24/7 service care.

You can contact us anytime for discussing your wedding matters.

  • A memorable and different wedding.

We’ll make your wedding different and memorable, so the memories will remain forever.

  • Competitive price.

We have a competitive price with our same class competitor.


How to contact PRIDE?

Easy! Just contact us by phone:

Ajie (+62 81 1218 2810)                 Irene (+62 81 2204 888 32)                 Melva (+62 81 1225 0186)                 Hendy (+62 81 1227 2827)
E-mail: sales@prideorganizer.com
Web: www.prideorganizer.com
Address: Cikawao Permai Kav. B1/1, Bandung 40261, West Java, Indonesia


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