Love is a Verb

Love is a verb. Have u ever heard about this phrase? I have. Yes!! Eventually I do agree that love is a verb. It’s all about an act to love someone or being loved by someone.

And let us introduce you to a lovely couple from Netherlands Herman Kemp and Marlieke Janssen who have became a real proof that love is a verb…

This wedding actually would be very dull if they are not surrounded by people who love them. While helped them preparing their wedding, we could see how deep this couple love each other and their relatives who lived far far away. They wanted to share their happiness and their beautiful moment with people they loved.

They prepared everything carefully. They designed their own wedding invitation. They even use their hand writing to invite their relatives. They decided where and how they want to celebrate their wedding so everyone could enjoy the party. Moreover to make sure that everything will be beautifully organize, they especially asked us to help them fulfilled their dream wedding. Of course, we were so honored to get involved in this beautiful moment. We tried to suggest the best suggestion and prepare some people who expert in their field to make their big day perfect.

Couple days before the big day, this couple that lived in Bali flew to Bandung. And voilà, the magic happened. At 3rd october 2015 the big day finally came. By a help from a friend Aurelia Carisa ( Icha ) as her make up artist, Marlieke turned into a beautiful queen on her big day. Even her own family who came from Netherlands can’t hold their tears when they met this beautiful queen. Meanwhile Herman also got a special support from his bestfriend Bart Erkelens. A bestman spent more than 12 hours flight to attend the wedding. And of course some relatives who love this couple also came on that day. They decided to travel across the sea and thousand kilometers just to show how they love this couple so much.

The decorator CDC Corp. magically changed Sheraton Hotel into a kingdom of love. A beautiful decoration during their holy matrimony became a witness how this couple said : “I Do”. Surrounded by people who love them they shared their beautiful moment there. Joy, laughs, tears, hugs and kisses coloured their special day. They have their wedding kiss under sparks of fireworks and witnessed by hundred eyes. And all of these beautiful moments were captured by I-DO photoworks.

In the end of the day we could say that we saw something called LOVE became real. It became a verb. Love has magical way to make everything which is unbelievable by human brain became something believable and beautiful.

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