The One

In the end if it’s their way, they will find their own path to become one. Let us introduce our lovely couple, Mourick and Novita. For some people, their love story may just be another love story. But for us, their story is a great example for finding ‘The One’.
Mourick’s mom and Novita’s mom have been friends since high school. Their family has known each other for a very long time. Even their brothers and sisters befriended each other. Everyone knew everyone except Mourick and Novita themselves.
Mourick was having a wonderful life on his own. He’s building his career. Just after he started working in Bandung for a short time, he instantly fell in love with the city. Meanwhile, Novita was a sterwardess who was busy flying from one place to another. Theoritically, their job made it seemed impossible for them to meet.
Until one day, Mourick was asked by his mom to contact Novita’s mom. Seems like this time the cupid and BBM are conspiring with each other. Mourick noticed that Novita’s mom was using a profile picture of her with her lovely little daughter. Mourick was infatuated. He added Novita’s BBM. But they never actually talked with each other. Then, He added Novita via facebook. But again they still remained mute to each other. Until one day Novita and Mourick finally started to talk to each other via Facebook. They become closeer and closer with each other.
Turned out, their mothers’ relationship extended from simple friends to in laws. Mourick and Novita decided to declare their vow as husband and wife at Laurentius chapel surrounded by their close family. They chose the most romantic place to hold their wedding in Padma Hotel with a rustic wedding decoration. They celebrated their love alongside their beloved family and relatives.
As we can see, no matter how far they wonder around, in the end they will find their own path to meet ‘The One’